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Ian Kertis
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Ian Kertis Farewell to Fiunary is a gorgeous and compelling arrangements, while Weaver's Gin is pure infectious energy and youthful exuberance. I am
Pleased to have found the early Tannahill albums available. Can't have too much bagpipe!
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released January 1, 1979

Produced by Nigel Pegrum and the Tannahill Weavers. Recorded at Millstream Studios, engineer: Mike Pela, and at REL, Edinburgh, engineer: Doug Bowie. Mixed at Millstream Studios by Nigel Pegrum, engineer: John Acock. Sleeve concept by Bryan Grant. Silver buckle design Norman MacLeod. His permission must be sought for reproduction in any form. Digitally remastered and tracks 2,4,5,6,and 9 remixed 1991 by Phil Smillie at Pier House Studios, Edinburgh, engineer: Peter Haigh.



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Track Name: Jock Stewart
Well my name is Jock Stewart, I'm a canny gaun man
Though a roving young fellow I've been.

Chorus - So be easy and free, when you're drinking with me
I'm a man you don't meet everyday.

And it's oft I have sat with both bottle and friend
Is there ae man could e'er ask for more?


Let us catch well the hours and the minutes that fly
Let us share them sae weel while we may.


So come fill up your glass with whisky or wine
And whatever the price I will pay.
Track Name: Tae the Weavers Gin Ye Gang/The Blackberry Bush
My heart was ance as blythe and free as summer days were lang
But a bonnie, westlin' weaver lad has gart me change my sang.

Chorus - Tae the weavers gin ye gang, my lass
Tae the weavers gin ye gang
I rede you richt gang ne'er at nicht
Tae the wevers gin ye gang.

My mither sent me to the town to warp a plaiden wab
But the weary, weary warpin' o't has gart me sigh and sab.


A bonnie westlin' weaver lad sat working at his loom
He took my heart as wi' a net in every knot and thrum.


I sat beside my warpin'-wheel, and aye I ca'd it roun'
But every shout and every knock my heart it gae a stoun.


The moon was sinking in the west, wi' visage pale and wan
As my bonnie westlin' weaver lad convey'd me thro' the glen.


But what was said, or what was done, shame fa' me gin I tell
But' oh! I fear the kintra soon will ken as weel's mysel'.

Track Name: Farewell to Fiunary/Heather Island
The air is clear, the day is fine
And swiftly, swiftly flows the time
The boat is floating on the tide
That rocks me off from Fiunary.

Chorus - We must up and haste away
We must up and haste away
We must up and haste away
Farewell, farewell tae Fiunary.

A thousand, thousand tender ties
Awake this day my plaintive sighs
My heart within me almost dies
At thocht of leaving Fiunary.


But I must leave these happy vales
see how they fill, the spreading sails
Adieu, adieu, my native dales
farewell, farewell tae Fiunary.

Track Name: The Merchant's Son/Dr. Ross's 50th Welcome the Argyllshire
A merchant's son he has lived in wrong
And tae the begging he has gone
And mounted on a noble steed
It's awa' wi' pleasure he did ride.
Rantin antin an, rantin antin ae

A beggar wench he chanced to see
A beggar wench o' low degree
And he's ta'en pity on her distress
And says lass ye've got a pretty face.

They both inclined then tae ha'e a drink
Intae a public house they went
They drank strong ale and brandy too-o
Until the both of them got roarin' fu'.

They both inclined then tae go tae bed
Soon under cover they were laid
Strong ale and brandy went to their head-o
Until they both lay like they were dead.

Early next morning the wench she rose
And she's put on now the merchant's clothes
Wi' his hat sae high and his sword sae dear-o
She's awa' wi' a' the merchant's gear.

And later on then the merchant rose
And he's looked roun' for tae find his clothes
There's naethin' left no' intae the room-o
But a petticoat and a wimsey goon.
Track Name: The Gypsy Laddie
There were three gypsies in a row
And o' but they were bonnie o
They sang sae sweet and sae complete
They've stolen the heart of a lady o.
Laddie o, laddie o, follow the gypsie laddie o.

I'ts ye'll tak' aff that silken goon
And put on this tartan plaidie o
And ye'll come awa' this lee-lang-nicht
And follow the gypsie laddie o.

Lord Castles he's cam home at e'en
Enquiring for his lady o
The hounds is run, the hawks is flown
And the gypsie's awa' wi' yer lady o.
Laddie o, laddie o, follow the gypsie laddie o.

Come saddle tae me the black, the black
Mak' haste and soon be ready o
For meat and drink I winna taste
Till I get back my lady o.

And he's rode east, and he's rode west
Till he's cam tae yonder boggie o
And there he spied the well-faured maid
In the arms of the gypsie laddie o.
Laddie o, laddie o, follow the gypsie laddie o.

Will ye come wi' me my honey and my heart
Will ye come wi me my lady o
And I swear by the sword that hangs by my side
The black band ne'er shall steal ye o.

I winnae come wi' you my honey and my heart
I winnea come wi' you my dearie o
Till I hae drank the breest I brewed
And that's in the water o' Eerie o
Laddie o, laddie o, follow the gypsie laddie o.
Track Name: Lady Mary Anne
Lady Mary Anne looked o'er the castle wa'
She saw three bonnie boys playing at the ba'
The youngest there was the flooer amang them a'
My bonnie laddie's young but he's growing yet.

Faither o' faither, and ye think it fit
We'll send him a year tae college yet
We'll tie a green ribbon all around his hat
And that will let them know he's tae marry yet.

Lady Mary Anne was a flooer in the dew
Sweet was its smell, ate and bonnie was its hue
The longer it blossomed the sweeter it grew
And the lily in the pond will be bonnier yet.

Young Charlie Cochrane was the sprout o' an alk
Bonnie and bloomin' and strought was its make
the sun took delight tae shine for its sake
And it will be the flooer o' the forest yet.

The summer is gane when the leaves were green
Gone are the days that we hae seen
But far better days I trust will come again
For my bonnie laddie's young but he's growing yet.